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The Artists by Year area includes all artists on Art Quotes Book listed by their birth year and the century they worked in.

Artists are listed by their birth year, but may have worked and achieved their fame in the next century. For example, Pablo Picasso was born in the 19th century (1881) but is known as a 20 century artist that passed away in 1973.

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famous artists by yearFamous Artists - Listed by Year of Birth

19th Century artists from the 1800s..
  • Pablo Picasso Quotes - (1881 / 1973) Profile of the famous Spanish modern artist and sculptor that was very influential in the 20th Century.

20th Century artists from the 1900s..

  • Ansel Adams Quotes - (1902 / 1984) Famous quotes by the American black and white landscape photographer, Ansel Adams.
  • Clement Greenberg Quotes - (1909 / 1994) Quotes and information on the art critic that promoted the abstract expressionist art movement.
  • Andy Warhol Quotes - (1928 / 1987) Famous quotes and biographical information on the American 20th century pop artist Andy Warhol.
  • David Hockney Quotes - (1937 / Living) Profile of the famous British born artist based in California, David Hockney.
  • Robert Hughes Quotes - (1938 / Living) Profile of the famous Australian born arts critic for the Time magazine.
  • Brett Whiteley Quotes - (1939 / 1992) Quotations and advice by the contemporary Australian painter and sculptor.
  • Ken Done Quotes - (1940 / Living) Quotes and information on the contemporary Sydney artist in Australia, Ken Done.
  • Jeff Koons Quotes - (1955 / Living) Celebrity artist Jeff Koons quotes and biography of the American.
  • Jean Michel Basquiat Quotes - (1960 / 1988) Art quotations and biography of the contemporary black American artist, Jean Michel Basquiat.
  • Tracey Emin Quotes - (1963 / Living) Quotes and information on the Young British Artist, Tracey Emin.
  • Patricia Piccinini Quotes - (1965 / Living) New media artist from Australia Patricia Piccinini.
  • Damien Hirst Quotes - (1965 / Living) Profile of the Young British Artist, Damien Hirst.
  • Spencer Tunick Quotes - (1967 / Living) Famous quotes and biography of the American photographer, Spencer Tunick.


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